Airpod Hints the Future of Apple Pencil

Missing iPhone Pro

Once there were lots of rumours that there will be a pro version of iPhone 7 with smart connector on back sides. And I felt that was very plausible. Like iPad pro, smart connectors have many potentials if once implemented to iPhone.

And recently there was another sign that iPhone may come with Apple pencil, as Tim Cook mentioned iPhone with pencil.

It wasn’t.

However I was somewhat convinced that Pencil may come to iPhone very soon, watching airpod commercial film. As Apple Pencil could use the same features that shines the airpod.

Need more handy Pencil

Personally I think Apple pencil should be smaller to be paired with iPhone as it is small than iPad. And if you are going to use it with iPhone, you may want the Pencil stay well inside your pocket. Also you should want it last longer with out frequent charging as you’re going to use it everywhere every time.

Achieving longer battery life while smaller size is very difficult, however new technologies implemented to airpod can be a key to this goal.

1. Better connection than Bluetooth

Airirpod use brand new W1 chip to deliver consistent connectivity and solid battery life( This W1 chip, or upgraded next generation W chip can also bring more reliable connectivity to new apple pencil with enhanced battery life.

2. Sensing human skin with optical sensor

Airpod knows whether it’s in ear or not through the optical sensors, and automatically pause, stop, or play again depending on its status. Now with iOS 10, iPhone screen turns on when I lift it from my desk to use the phone. I also expect the phone will be ready to use with my Pencil just after I grab mine.

Pro with many potentials

As iPad Pro has its own smart keyboard and pencil, iPhone Pro also can be used with its own Smart Keyboard and pencil. I suppose Apple, in some way, believe productivity comes with keyboard and advanced pointer like Apple Pencil.

Also, I imagined a new lens kit like Sony’s QX1. It should be much faster and reliable with smart connector. And I can edit my photo just on time with pencil.

I hope many more can be landed to reality.